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Ghost of a Chance
Maggie Mulgrew runs The Ash Leaf, an antique shop in the quaint village of Holmestead, England ~ which has nothing to do with Sherlock, thank you very much. She sells her goods to disappointed tourists, and locals who appreciate her eclectic taste. Professor Pembroke Martin is hunting down an artifact that had been stolen by a former assistant ~ a hand-blown apothecary jar that is the center of an old ghost story. His search leads him to Holmestead, and a stubborn, fascinating American who has acquired the box that once contained the rare jar.

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Wicked of the Christmas Past
Bestselling author Carina Christien is dead, her apparent suicide covered up for a year. There’s no shortage of suspects, but this is one case that won’t be wrapped up neatly. Confessions ring false, intrigue runs high, but even a bevy of disgruntled ghostwriters is no match for the girl they call the Ghost Whisperer. It’s mistletoe and murder for Christmas in this fast-paced, quirky, fourth installment of the Paranormal in Manhattan Mystery Series.

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Reap the Whirlwind
They say truth is stranger than fiction. I say truth and fiction met at a bar one night, were tossed out for disorderly conduct, and got into a brawl in the back alley. Then they ended up arm-in-arm singing a sea shanty on their way home together, forgetting what it was they were fighting about!

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Group, Photo, Grave
Ace scrapbooker Kiki Lowenstein certainly did her part to make everything just right for her mother-in-law’s special day. Especially when everyone-in-the-know knows that Sheila, the bride who was blushing with anger, wanted to shove her bouquet up the DEAD GUY’s snout. Suddenly Sheila’s wedding portrait looks suspiciously like a mug shot. Kiki must poke her pug nose into old secrets if she wants to save her mother-in-law from spending her honeymoon in jail.

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