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SciFi and Fantasy

Major Dave Elliott’s quiet farm life with his granddaughter and dog abruptly changes after a cyberattack causes an economic collapse. When criminals target his family, Major goes on the attack. Major’s farm family grows when the sheriff’s family and others take refuge at the farm. After thugs are thwarted by his granddaughter’s uncanny gift to see danger, will Major succeed in exposing the conspiracy where others have so tragically failed?

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The Season of the Plough
The Travalaithi Empire is in a state of unrest, and the sleepy frontier town of Widowvale was meant to be a refuge from the looming civil war. But when the local militia’s hunt for a lowly poacher turns up a mysterious child at the heart of an unreliable prophecy, the town’s fortunes are transformed forever, and the deadly troubles of the outside world are brought home for the harvest.

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Call of the Sirens Trilogy
No one escapes the siren’s song. But as Iris’ love for the human world grows, she is torn between her loyalties above and below the waves. When the waters under the sea darken and the sirens delve into forbidden magic, Iris turns to ancient legends to protect her loved ones and save humankind. Dive into a magical, mysterious side of our world you never knew existed. Journey with Iris and discover what it means to be human… including undying love and heartbreaking loss.

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