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Against Her Will
Donna, a beautiful young woman scarred by an unhappy childhood, is brutally raped by a masked assailant on her way home from her job as a statistical analyst. Unable to return to work due to the trauma, she sinks into a deep depression. When her boyfriend leaves her and her parents are unable to deal with her problems, she attempts suicide. This culminates in her spending a lengthy spell in hospital. There her recovery is slow, but when she is befriended by a male nurse, a relationship begins to develop. Once she leaves hospital to live with the male nurse’s parents, their relationship blossoms, and Donna thinks all her troubles are over.

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The Traitor of Treasure Island
Buried for nearly three hundred years and now brought triumphantly to light by Dr Livesey, this is, at last, the true story of what happened on the fateful Treasure Island… The truth about Captain Flint and his fabled death. The truth about Long John Silver and his coveted wife. And the truth about Jim Hawkins, that double-dealing turncoat of the first order: The traitor of Treasure Island.

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