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SciFi and Fantasy

The Changeling’s Fortune
When her destructive faery magic is unlocked, Deirdre fights for control of her power and for her life. Seventeen-year-old orphan Deirdre moves to Neo-London, a city created after an attack by Unseelie faeries, and becomes caught in the tension between the city faeries and the human military. Deirdre develops uncontrollable magical abilities after having her fortune told—making her the target of Alan Callaghan, an extreme anti-faery general.

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Destinies Dark Game
The world, as Irvin knew it had blinked out of existence. Nothing of humanity had survived the cataclysmic ‘end of days.’ While the threat of complete destruction darkened the skies, Irvin struggled below. Minute by minute, he strived to come to terms with his loss of identity and feelings of isolation. His only companions and protection were from a small group of cyborgs, and his only hope was to adjust to his new reality and to wait for his families promised return.

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