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An Occupied Grave
When mourners gather in the village of Lower Gladdock, the grave is found to be already occupied. The victim is soon linked to a tragedy that tore the village apart five years ago, and the case is handed over to the Bexford police to solve. Detective Sergeant Guy Poole is hoping to put his traumatic past behind him and settle into his new station at Bexford. Now history is threatening to raise its head again, and he has a murder case to contend with.

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43 Missing
Emilia finds herself in Mexico City, part of a national task force examining the disappearance of 43 college students from a city in central Mexico. Despite its high profile, the task force lacks technical tools, organized case files, and reliable witnesses. Emilia knows it’s a paper exercise to cover somebody’s political you-know-what. Nobody expects to find out how the 43 students disappeared. Nobody expects to make an arrest.

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Some Saints Prey
Madeline Donovan has just completed her case at Belle Magnolia in New Orleans and seeks a respite from her adventures as an aspiring female sleuth. When Emily Montgomery extends to Madeline an invitation to her home in St. Augustine, she happily accepts. But even on the train ride, Emily tells her of the mysterious disappearance of two men and their relationship to the city’s notorious woman, Emma St. Fleur. The affluent Miss Emma is known not only for her beauty but her precocious nature which taunts all the eligible males in town. However, now the city is hovering over her for a different reason, they want to know if she is in any way responsible for the disappearance of these men.

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