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It’s Been Waiting for You
Cassie Glenn’s first glimpse of the house at 66 Bucknam Road fills her with an awful sense of foreboding. Something about the narrow, Depression-era Colonial just feels wrong. It’s not long before what’s supposed to be a relaxing vacation for her family takes a descent toward darkness. The moving shadows in the hallways and attic, and the bad dreams she’s having, start becoming more real, and she fears for her two children. Something in the old house seems to be resonating with a grim secret from her past, a secret she has repressed for years.

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The Fifth Survivor
On July 7th, 2007 the first ever zombie outbreak took place in Brooklyn, NY. Four survivors were able to escape and live through the horrors. These survivors included Angel, Maria, Luis, and Joe. While most literature will say there were four survivors that survived that fateful day, there was one survivor that was never spotted or even mentioned. He will always be known as the unknown survivor of the first outbreak.

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