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Forgotten Lives
The past is never far behind.

Jessica Donovan and her daughter are linked by their painful past. Wanting to provide a better life for her family, Jessica moved halfway across the country to San Diego, California. It was here she hoped to rebuild their lives and heal from the pain of their past. But some wish to pull Jessica and her family back into the hell from which they escaped, and if Jessica refuses, it could mean countless deaths of innocent children.

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US UK and CA

Never Date a Siren
When Brigit ran away from her controlling helicopter fae parents, all the dryad wanted was an uncomplicated college life. When she’s kicked out of her apartment by her Troll roommate, stealing a bedroom from a human appeared to be a simple plan. But incurring a Fairy Debt to Logan wasn’t in her plans! Worse, Brigit discovers Logan had a messy break-up with a Siren and could die without her help.

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US UK and CAor NOOK:

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