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Bedazzled Dreamer
Shelby is excited to open a shop with her best friend. But with Janna just-married and moved out, she worries their hopes of starting a boutique will never come true. And things get more complicated when her old distrust of men is put to the test by her handsome new roommate and his little boy… With Oktoberfest decorations forgotten and replaced by Christmas cheer, she slowly allows Shane and the child a space in her heart. But she doesn’t trust her second chance at romance or the success of her boutique when surprising news threatens her newly minted courage.

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The Bet
It’s Sarah’s 45th birthday, and her husband, Ben, jokingly says that she is stuck with him, because the chance of a woman her age finding a new man, is smaller than being attacked by a terrorist. Sarah, who finds this statement both insulting and depressing, proposes a bet: they will separate for three months. During those three months, they will both be free to explore other sexual partners and prove to each other that they are still attractive to others. Together they set down the rules: they will tell no one, they will not date any of their mutual friends, and they most definitely will not fall in love. Thus begins “The Bet”.

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