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Will Harper Florida Thrillers: Vol. 1-4
This enticing Florida mystery series opens with a bang—and never stops—thanks to protagonist Will Harper, a semi-retired reporter and burgeoning sleuth who spends most of his time aboard his live-in yacht in the Florida Keys—when he’s not solving hard-boiled murder mysteries. Nice work if you can get it. And if you can avoid making the kind of enemies—mobsters, local officials, politicians, and industry good ole’ boys among them—who would gladly contribute to your untimely demise.

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Death Runs in the Family
It’s a weird time for the PI firm to the stars of Silicon Valley when their own star, Lee Alvarez, has her four-legged BFF (Best Feline Forever), Tugger, catnapped from her very own apartment, right under her nose. And that includes her new boyfriend’s cat, as well. But our sleuth is not taking this lying down, especially as the catnapper is currently married to her ex. Oh, why, oh why did Lee even let her into the house? Oh, that’s right. The woman said she needed help. Lee Alvarez, ace detective, ace sucker.

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A Berry Deadly Welcome
Escaping a dreadful marriage and an angry ex-husband, Kylie Berry moves to the small town of Camden Falls, Kentucky, to run her cousin’s café, Sarah’s Eatery. Only one problem: Kylie can’t cook to save her life, and the longtime chef walks out on Kylie’s first day.

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