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Evangeline, a hellion born with the gifts of dual-blades and advanced magic not seen for over a century, had been living a great life as a Guard at House Sinister for many years. But her world is shattered when three rival Houses attack, forcing her to watch powerlessly as her mentor and father figure, Garrick, is slaughtered. His dying command: The House must survive at all costs. With Evangeline being the only remaining member, that means she must survive a full year. It’s the only way to restore honor to House Sinister.

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Healing Her Cowboy
Sometimes tragedy is a second chance in disguise…
He was the one. The one she loved but couldn’t have without revealing the truth of her past. That’s why she left, why she’s stayed away, and why she has to return… Paralyzed by a riding accident, Seth Rowland doesn’t want physical therapist Grace Korbit to see him like this. Of all people, why her? But Grace is the best. Maybe if he cooperates, he’ll be able to walk again, get her to reveal the truth of why she’d left–and convince her to stay.

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