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Ready, Scrap, Shoot
After running for her life and huddling in a car until the all-clear is sounded, Kiki needs a shoulder to cry on. Instead, she gets chewed out by her browbeating mother. But things can always get worse…and they do. When Kiki’s mother-in-law announces that she’s getting married, Kiki’s daughter, Anya, becomes unglued. Suddenly, Anya will be the last Lowenstein standing…and that’s enough to break a young girl’s heart. In the meantime, Kiki must cope with a grouchy, self-centered elderly mother, not to mention all the logistical problems that inevitably come with being a single mom.

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The Six-Week Solution
When a Circle E Ranch guest dies after her Cadillac plunges off Mount Rose Highway, a mountain road between Lake Tahoe and Reno, Washoe County Deputy Sheriff Ben Cameron is assigned to investigate the accident. His inquiries lead him to question everyone at the Circle E, where he meets Mary, an attractive prospective divorcée from New York. Unfortunately, Mary soon has an accident of her own. In the meantime, Ben’s case takes a turn as twisty as the Mount Rose Highway, and when Mary suffers a second accident, he figures that someone is out to get her. Unless Ben can discover who’s targeting the out-of-towners, some of them won’t live long enough to have their day in court.

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Tea & Croakies
I knew when I woke up with a migraine that things were going to get interesting. As a magical artifact wrangler, it’s not an unusual way to start my day. But I had no idea how bad it was going to get. Until I found a frog sitting in my teacup. Even that, I could explain to myself if I had to. After all, I have a creative mind. But when the frog started talking to me, yeah, I was pretty sure I’d taken the wrong kind of pill that morning for my headache.

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