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SciFi and Fantasy

The Starborn Saga (1-9) Box Set
I was just trying to save my family. I didn’t mean to start an uprising. The world tore itself apart 60 years ago, and we are the ones left picking up the pieces. And ever since I discovered how to move things with my mind, people have been trying to use me. My name is Mora, and they call me a Starborn. There are others like me, but they have different powers. I can move heavy things with my mind, too. Trucks. Boulders. I’ve even brought buildings to the ground. I do whatever I can to take out the greyskins. A bite or scratch from one of those creatures and we become one of them forever, losing ourselves to the virus.

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Once, there was a land like no other. It was a city-state, a nation. The reach of its rulers sometimes spanned continents, and at other times reached no farther than the walls of a war-torn palace.
Giants lived in Mangrove—powerful kings and generals who ruled all within their sight; and lands far beyond. And it gave birth to the least of us–powerless serfs and homeless orphans who begged for the smallest coins. In times of greatness its armies plundered far and wide, trampling everything and everyone before them. And in days of despair its soldiers died in vain defending the gates.

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