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SciFi and Fantasy

Malice in Wonderland Bundle
If you’re a fan of twisted fairy tales, you’ll love this series. Alice never left Wonderland. She’s trapped. She’s angry. And she wants revenge. The truth is not what you were led to believe. It wasn’t all “just a dream.” It’s a nightmare. A nightmare she can’t escape, where formerly pleasant characters throw her unhappy unbirthday parties to torment her, while others like to make her cry so they can lick her tears.

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Rise of the Flame
In a magical world where fairies, elves, and dragons exist, one girl is the key to saving humanity. But, can she escape slavery in time? After traveling the world with her surrogate family, Lilae learns she’s being hunted. A dangerous elf brought back from the dead is tracking her. But, what she doesn’t know is why. When strange magical abilities surface, she begins to wonder just how powerful she really is. That is until she’s captured and enslaved in a foreign empire with a handsome and charismatic emperor who just might make her forget her destiny.

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Sword Saint
When Narina’s father is murdered, the young sword master leaves the bladedancer temple to find her father’s killer among the crowlords of the plains. Together with a temple elder and her favorite apprentice, they enter the lowlands to discover that the crowlords have plunged the land into war, and worse, that they are aware of the temple warriors in their midst.

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