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Free of the palace, Aria is still tormented by memories of Braith… the vampire prince who shattered her heart. Her only solace from the anguish is with Max, her best friend, and fellow blood slave. Just as Aria begins to salvage the broken pieces of her wounded spirit, a marauding group of vampires raid the caves where the rebels are temporarily sheltered. With the security of the caves gone, and vampires hunting them, Aria tries to stay hidden while she searches for her family. She isn’t expecting to come face to face with Braith.

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The Heiress’s Bodyguard
Valentina Lopez has spent her life keeping up with the boys. Between her skills in martial arts and a military background, she’s never met a man she couldn’t pin to the mat. Until one fateful night when she crosses paths with Andrew McPherson. Rich, handsome and skilled in fighting, Andrew proves to be a challenge to Val in more ways than one.

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