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Truthful Lies
Family dysfunction turns deadly in this riveting thriller! At first blush, the Chedwell Estate, with its sprawling grounds and sumptuous Tudor architecture, appears to be a tranquil palace tucked away in the English countryside, but appearances deceive—the Manor is more House of Usher than Downton Abbey. In a toothsome take on a classic set-up, after their father’s death and their mother’s debilitating stroke, siblings Roberto and Stella are about to kill each other over the estate (figuratively, of course!) In a last-ditch effort to keep things civil, Stella demands they hire a curator to prevent Roberto from ransacking the estate.

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Killer in the Retroscape
In 2068 St. Louis, Missouri, Dr. Douglas (Doug) Michaels finds his lifelong friend, Josh Unger, dead in his home. When law enforcement concludes his death was a suicide, Doug and his wife, Ali, are dumbstruck; they wonder what could explain such a needlessly violent and lonely death in a future where such actions are unimaginable. Trying to unearth a killer, be it either flesh and blood or the cumulative stress of life, Doug creates a mental landscape of Josh’s past, a retroscape, starting in the mid-2030s.

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The Resurrection Chronicles: Books 1 – 3
Mya’s world is falling apart. After a series of earthquakes, deadly animals surface and begin the spread of a zombie-like plague. Only hours later, huge, grey-skinned men emerge that possess impossible strength and speed, making humans easy prey. The one that finds Mya is determined not to let her escape. Although he keeps her safe from the animals, Mya knows nothing can keep her safe from him.

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