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SciFi and Fantasy

Shadows At Noon
The age of heroes, saints, and psychopaths is over, and humanity stands on the brink of oblivion. The Null Field network was supposed to be the answer – to poverty, to war, to prosperity at any cost – and for a moment it was, powering the world with the flip of a switch. Yet Ni-Fi also changed everyone it touched, unlocking superhuman abilities… and condemning to death any “talents” who stepped out of the energy field’s range. Ni-Fi was supposed to set humanity free, but it may have sealed our fate.

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Thomas Baldwin has been appointed captain of the state-of-the-art cruise ship Constantine, named after his heroic grandfather. When their first diplomatic mission turns deadly, all signs point to the return of a former adversary, one the Concord claims to have defeated five decades earlier. No one has seen Baldwin’s commander, Treena Starling, since her previous ship was destroyed in a gruesome battle, leaving her the sole survivor. Can her secret help them rescue one of their crew members from captivity at the enemy’s hands?

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Death’s Dark Horse
Death is coming for January Chevalier. It’s been chasing her ever since she became a vampire-slaying bounty hunter. January used to think that her life wasn’t all that important, but now she’s met people who’ve made her care again. Worse still, they care for her. And that means they’re all in mortal peril. When she quits the job that was supposed to own her for life, the bounty hunter becomes the hunted. But when you’re as good at your job as January is, you don’t go down without a fight.

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