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The Systems Thinker – Mental Models
We are dealing with too many options, too much information, conflicting advice on general choices like what diet to choose, or who to choose as a mate. It’s hard to maintain focus and be confident in our decisions under such conditions.

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Inspired Mama
Inspired Mama is the ultimate mind, body, and lifestyle guide for women seeking to live their best life in motherhood. As mothers, women tend to give up on their personal dreams and emotional self-care in order to take care of their families. Too often, we end up giving in to social pressures and external expectations rather than living the life we dream about, a life of freedom and inspiration. The truth is freedom is the highest vibrational element that every woman must embody to live an extraordinary life, but it’s harder than ever to embody freedom as a mother. Inspired Mama empowers women to align with their best life through self-reflection, intentional manifestation, and wanderlust, so you can heal yourself and your family through your own spiritual self-care.

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