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Doodle’s “career-change” lands him with a new family and unexpected trouble in this laugh-out-loud mystery perfect for dog lovers of all ages. Doodle’s not worried about his new job. Sniffing out bed bugs? Easy as pie. Well, easier, actually, as getting pie can be a problem for a dog. Doodle finds best part of the new job is Molly, the boss’s ten-year old daughter, who slips Doodle extra treats when she’s not snapping photos with the camera she carries everywhere. But Molly has secrets of her own. And when she enlists Doodle’s help to solve a crime, his nose and her camera lead them straight into danger.

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Ice Cream Floater
When Allegra Darling finds herself cursed by a black grimoire, she knows she’s in big trouble. Things get even worse when a body turns up in the pond where she’s trying to cleanse herself of the evil magic. Finding a dead body floating in a pond is not the way you want to start your day. Allegra recognizes the dead man, too, and she knows he was fighting with a local shop owner in the tavern the night before. But was that Knox Hills resident the killer? Who else wanted the man dead? And, can Allegra shake the dark energy that has her sleepwalking into ever more dangerous places?

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