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The Lotus Tattoo
Dear God, please let my dad die in his sleep tonight—pleeeease, don’t let him kill me before he dies. As a child, Marisa’s prayers were left unanswered as she begged God to save her from her abusive alcoholic father. Now she is convinced her nightmares are a punishment. God left her, and the nightmares are a curse the Devil placed on her for being a bad child.Finding herself alone in a world she doesn’t understand, Marisa’s fight for survival leads her to bullying others, taking drugs, and entering an abusive relationship as her life plummets into an endless chasm of bad decisions.

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Deal Mastery
Would You Like to Cash $87,000, $36,000, $23,000 Checks Like Our Deal Mastery Students & Deal Finders? I am Andre Johnson and I’m an Active Real Estate Investor and Proven Mentor of New and Experienced Investors. Nearly 20 years ago, I was in your shoes, trying to build a real estate business. It took me 18 months of running into dead-ends and spinning my wheels before I closed on my first deal, with the help of my friend and mentor Shawn B.

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