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SciFi and Fantasy

On the Isle of Sound and Wonder
Wild Mira knows the island better than anyone, and she knows the patterns of the sea and sky. She knows, too, that the storm that brings a shipwreck to her island’s shores is not natural, but is summoned by her father’s dark, strange powers. When the wreck’s survivors wash up all over the island, the mysteries of Mira’s past come with them, and the truth of her father’s deeds can finally be brought to light.

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Mauna Kea Rising
In a parallel world, the British Hawaiian Islands sit between rival superpowers, Japan and the UK. Hellen takes her son on a sailing voyage to Hawaii, hoping to recapture the bond they once shared. Isolated at sea, the boat’s crew is unaware of a catastrophic solar storm. Throughout the Pacific, power grids fail. Cities plunge into darkness.

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