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SciFi and Fantasy

The brightest light casts the darkest shadow… Eden has killed the demon that hunted her. Too bad his words didn’t die with him. Tormented by his claim she’s the perfect monster, Eden is torn between the light she seeks and the darkness within. She struggles to perform even the simplest spell and receives an ultimatum–pass her next test or be bound from using magic. But that test turns deadly when a demon appears, set on taking Eden’s power and willing to kill anyone who gets in his way. Faced with pure evil, Eden must decide… Will she save her sisters or her own soul?

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The North Star
Jason Grimshaw has one job. Get the cadets to Colony 115. Just another day. Just another milk run. Or so he thought. When scanners pick up an unidentified alien vessel, it’s already too late. With his ship blown out from under him, and his crew scattered across a war-torn planet, his day just keeps getting better. The good news? One of the pilots survived. The bad news? She’s the biggest pain in his ass, and she’s stranded miles away.

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US UK and CA

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