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Fairy Tale Karma
Princess Ava married her Prince Charming and they lived happily-ever-after. Or did they? The Princess is interviewed by a skeptical journalist digging for the truth behind the fairy tale. But Princess Ava defends the myth by relating an idealized storybook version while we find out the truth in flashbacks. Young Ava’s mother ran off with another man and her clueless father remarried a heartless woman who made Ava work as a maid at her inn. All the while, Ava dreams of living in that beautiful castle in the distance. Enter her newly sober Fairy Godmother who promises to help her achieve her wish. But her unstable magic and the appearance of a cute guy at the inn threaten their plans. How will Ava fulfill her destiny? And then what?

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Still Not Over You
The marriage might be over, but in this heartwarming romance Phoebe and Ryder aren’t finished. Not by a long shot. When they split up, Ryder got the Harley but they both own the Gull Harbor cottage where Phoebe still lives. She wants it fixed up and demands his financial help. Her ruggedly handsome ex fumes…and then he folds. Mighty suspicious.

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