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Funky Wisdom
Author and motivational speaker Dennis C. Berry delivers his witty unique spin on our turbulent world along with a groundbreaking solution to navigate it that will transform your life, settle your mind, and bring you inner peace and success beyond your wildest imagination. He shares his personal journey with raw honesty and shows how he was able to overcome alcoholism and drug addiction, health problems, financial difficulties, relationship issues and basically just deal with “growing up” a little later in life. You will learn principles that you can apply in every aspect of your life to help make you wealthier, healthier, happier, and wiser.

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Burnout to Unstoppable
In Burnout to Unstoppable, Claudia Taboada takes us along her amazing transformational journey from an overwhelmed and burned out autism caregiver who had lost her identity to an unstoppable badass mom (disability rights advocate, multiple marathon finisher, triathlete, entrepreneur, author, and speaker).

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