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Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Fear and Phobias
I have suffered from anxiety, panic attacks, fear and phobias. These conditions bring you to a dark and foreboding place absent of peace and joy, a place of hopelessness and the dreaded feeling that you are losing your mind. Words cannot adequately describe the absolute terror of a panic attack. I have been there, and Jesus Christ has delivered me. Yes, Christians also can and do suffer from these afflictions. In fact, Christian psychologists confirm that these conditions are just as common among Christians as among non-Christians. But there is hope.

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Emotional Intelligence
Can emotional intelligence determine how successful you will be in life? Do you wonder how some people fare better in social settings than others? These are the questions that we may have about our capacity to recognize our own emotions and those of others. How is it that some individuals are just better at communicating and taking ownership of their feelings? The answer is a matter of emotional intelligence.

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