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SciFi and Fantasy

At eighteen, Jade shouldn’t have to be forced to marry the son of her father’s enemy as part of a revenge plot for a failed rebellion. When she’s thrown into the life of being the wife of the Commander’s son and heir, her only hope for survival is convincing Roan Diamond to actually fall in love with her so that he doesn’t kill her on his father’s wishes.

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On the beautiful world Adalta, a lost colony from Earth is about to come under attack by a forgotten enemy. To Marta, Adalta is just another planet to spy on for the massive trade ship that hides in the skies. Her tough-girl shell cracks when Sidhari, one of Adalta’s majestic flying horses, chooses Marta as her rider, and a soul deep bond begins to form. Still undercover, Marta trains to join the Mi’hiru, the elite all-female Karda guard.

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