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An Ace and A Pair
Detective John Stone of the NYPD has the best arrest record in the 43rd precinct. But he’s a dinosaur who belongs to another age. Detective Carmen Dehan has such a bad attitude that nobody at the precinct can stomach her. Captain Jennifer Cuevas wants them both out of the way and thinks they make a perfect pair. So she gives them the Cold Cases file – the cases nobody gives a damn about.

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Watch Over Me
Flora and Neil are happily married, but they can’t have children so decide to adopt. And when Flora meets little Beckie it’s love at first sight. Deep in her heart, she knows they’re meant for each other, destined to be mother and daughter. When Flora officially becomes Beckie’s mum, it’s like a part of her that’s always been missing is finally in place. She is complete, every day filled with purpose and joy.

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Animals We Are
Zoe and her boyfriend Mike head to Yosemite for a week-long horse tour of the backcountry, but get more than they bargained for when a serial killer stalks their party through the woods. The killer’s connection to Mike’s past makes Zoe question the heart of the man she’s fallen in love with. As the mystery unravels, Zoe is forced to confront not just the darkness within others, but the animal within herself.

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