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Change in Harmony
Allison’s dream of teaching music and dance has led her to New York City, where she can finally make a name for herself. Everything runs smoothly until the day she meets Nate, an intriguing and arrogant man, and her world turns upside down. Nate’s job at Silver Script Ad Agency has always been a breeze for him. He’s always known what people want, but when his newest client decides they need something different, he has to completely change his formula. To make things worse, he can’t seem to get Allison, a beautiful, eccentric girl out of his head.

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US UK and CA

Dread Pirate Arcanist
While protecting the newborn griffins on the Isle of Landin, Volke Savan and his adopted sister, Illia, run afoul of the Dread Pirate Calisto, the same cutthroat who carved out Illia’s right eye. As a master manticore arcanist, Calisto’s strength and brutality are unrivaled, so when Illia suggests they bring him to justice, Volke wonders if they’ll have what it takes to fight the corsairs on the high seas.

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US UK and CA

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