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The Flames of Time
After a group of friends get drawn into a strange shamanic ritual that changes their perception of reality, and reveals an ages old secret. A secret which could re-write history, and change the destiny of mankind, they find themselves on a path they cannot help but follow. But to follow this path to its source, the group must first recover a number of ancient artefacts that can show them the way, hidden at some of the world’s most ancient sites and written the oldest languages known to man.

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Shadows Among Us
Psychologist, Mollie Roark, had it all. A hotshot husband, a beautiful daughter, a successful career, and a fancy house on the Napa hillside. She’d finally made it. Left her troubled past and her crazy father far behind her. But two years ago, the unspeakable happened. Her daughter’s burned body turned up on the shores of Lake Berryessa just days after her fifteenth birthday. The police seem certain Dakota fell victim to the Shadow Man, the prolific serial killer who had terrorized the Napa Valley for two decades. Mollie’s normal life is now anything but. Childless, divorced, and unemployed, she’s barely staying afloat. She’s got one mission. To find the scumbag who killed her daughter and make him pay.

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