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Peril in Pensacola
Dora Winslow is having a hard day. Not only does she stumble upon a money laundering scheme, but the next thing she knows her boss is dead. As the prime suspect for his murder, she goes to Brian, a police officer she trusts. She soon learns things aren’t adding up because Brian’s got a mysterious scheme of his own.

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The Muddy Course
Thirty years after her sister’s death, Emily’s mother comes to visit with Earth shattering news. After years of blaming herself for Amy’s drowning, is it possible her sister, who was born with Down’s syndrome, has been alive all this time? Meanwhile, when a man falls from the roof at the Sugarbury Falls arts fair, Dr. Henry Fox is first on the scene but he’s too late to save him. Was the fall accidental? Emily heard two men arguing shortly before the incident. Evidence points to murder. Emily and Henry uncover a web of hidden truths and deceptions while helping the town’s detective solve the murder.

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