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SciFi and Fantasy

The Wandering World
The future isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In this eclectic short story anthology, every wonder comes with a price. A grizzled detective struggles to uncover an ancient society that fights in the shadows. A seasoned diplomat embarks on a desperate, physics-defying mission to stop a war with a lost world. An ordinary woman discovers that the best superpower might be having none at all. And in the novella “Modern Philosophy” a curmudgeonly philosopher stumbles into an adventure that stretches from the dark corners of his subconscious to dimensions beyond imagination. The Wandering World collects ten stories rife with intrigue, humour, and insight.

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Reecah’s Flight
There’s something strange about the woman living on top of the hill and the people of Fishmonger Bay leave her alone. At least until the day she pays a visit to the village witch. Banding together, the villagers decide to take action. One magic user is bad enough; the emergence of another—intolerable. With her life spinning out of control, Reecah Draakvriend struggles to unravel the dark secret hanging over her head. Trying to fit in with society, she must decide whether to slay the dragon or become a victim of her people.

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Wickedly It Begins
Seeley is born a hunter. God’s warrior. She’s endowed with inexplicable gifts to slay creatures and demons threatening human’s. Alongside her guardian angel, Ezekiel, she will face unimaginable trials and tribulations.

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