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Art Attack
PI Dev Haskell runs into Kristi McKenzie, his old high-school flame. Amazingly, she needs help . . . Her artist husband has been missing for over half a year – and she’s never contacted the police! Turns out he’s the guy she dumped Dev for way back when. Her previous fiancé died under suspicious circumstances . . . Dev begins his search but keeps coming up with more questions. One thing is clear, someone is definitely on a mission to KILL Dev Haskell!

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US UK and CA

International Incident
Dev and Maddie end up fleeing their first hotel only minutes after checking in. Seems Maddie has come into posession of something Tubby Gustafson and French gangster Ali Debauche want very badly. In fact, they’ll do anything to get it, literally anything. With thugs in hot pursuit Dev & Maddie flee Paris after just 48 hours. But no matter where they go, the bad guys seem to be right behind them.

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US UK and CA

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