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SciFi and Fantasy

Tharsis Rising
The five hundred year-old Sorian Commonwealth is in its darkest hour. Surrounded on all sides by their enemies, its people have become so desperate they have turned to Tharsis, the ancient pagan god of war, for salvation. Tharsis has not answered their desperate prayers. Yet, the Commonwealth is about to receive a chance – just a chance, and nothing more – to change its fate, but this chance doesn’t start with any god of war. It doesn’t start with a battle, or a treaty, or even a miracle. It starts with a girl.

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A Warrior’s Path
Two thousand years ago, the Sorrow Bringer destroyed the First World. She stirs once more. Into this world is born Rukh Shektan, the finest warrior of his generation. Like all members of Caste Kumma, he has always understood duty, dedicating his life to the mastery of the sword. But defending his home against the Sorrow Bringer will require more than just peerless skill with the blade. It will require the hardest of sacrifices.

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