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A Darling Bay Christmas
Darling Bay’s favorite Santa Claus has just died, but before the beloved Earl passed, he wrote a few really important letters. The letters are acting as matchmakers in Earl’s absence, and three couples get pushed together by his ribbons of ink. Merriment shimmers, hearts are gladdened, and kisses are stolen during the storm that moves into Darling Bay over the holiday weekend. The storm threatens to shut down the whole town, but as hearts waken, will love triumph over all as Earl pulls heartstrings from above?

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Tyson “Bulldog” Pike has risen through the ranks of the Hawks Motorcycle Club to the level of Vice by doing whatever it took to prove his loyalty. But he’s tired of moving drugs and people across the border, and he knows Daddy is corrupt. The only way he’s getting out is to find the proof to take down the President. When Danielle Robbins – doe-eyed and innocent – shows up in the Club one morning with Daddy, Bulldog’s protective instincts kick in. He offers to take her, and he finds her a job sorting through the metric-ton of paper in Daddy’s office.

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