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Roots of Misfortune
The dead girl is holding roots, one grasped tightly in each palm, when the NOPD finds her mangled body out on Interstate 10. David Melancon has gone independent. The corruption on the force was just too much for an old detective who doesn’t play ball. But there is something eerily familiar about the details of this young girl’s demise as he reads them in the Picayune. Something deeply personal. Something he can’t drink his way past this time.

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Never Nerida
When expectant mother Livia Karras spontaneously falls victim to aquagenic urticaria—an allergy where a single drop of water against her skin could be fatal—doctors determine her condition to be purely psychosomatic. Psychologist Elliot Chiles is assigned to her case. He suspects she is subconsciously sabotaging her own pregnancy due to unresolved guilt over a traumatic childhood accident. But Livia believes she knows the real cause—she’s being preyed upon by a malevolent supernatural entity out for revenge.

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Marc Kadella Legal Mysteries Vol 1-6
Marc takes the proverbial road less traveled, going from life as a frustratingly floundering defense attorney to that of a celebrated criminal lawyer, while representing a handful of colorful clients running the gauntlet from vigilante to psychopath. And Marc deftly adapts to each of them. But the hero’s journey is only part of the fun. You can almost see the men sporting fedoras, and the babes would stop traffic even without the cleavage Carstens makes their standard attire. And there’s a contemporary angle sure to please fans of both sexes—the toughest guy in the series is gorgeous investigator Maddy Rivers.

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