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SciFi and Fantasy

Apocalypse Omega
The battle for the galaxy has begun. The fate of the universe is their hands…and paws. Wil, Poka, the robot and Kat are trapped between two warring species… and the Earth is in their crosshairs. The Krin will stop at nothing to get the power of the Ultra. But it’s lodged inside of Wil’s ex-girlfriend. A race called the Brethren are tasked to protect the Ultra at all costs. Even if it means imprisoning the crew forever.

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US UK and CA

Cyber Seed Quadrilogy
The launch of The Seed, a powerful microchip implant that turns each user’s palm into a fully functioning trackpad and effectively turns them into walking computers, breaks all sales records. Alongside the augmented reality UltraLenses which act as the system’s display, it immediately renders all handheld devices obsolete.

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US UK and CA

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