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The Opening Chase
When collegiate baseball phenom Chase Fulton suffers a freak injury on the field that shatters his dreams of becoming a Major League catcher, his future looks bleak until he’s recruited into quasi-governmental covert operations, where his training as an assassin and covert intelligence operative launches him into a world fraught with danger, intrigue, and unexpected passion. As Chase navigates the Caribbean, he’s pursued by a beautiful Russian SVR officer who is trained and prepared to find, interrogate, and kill him if necessary. He learns exactly how deadly the realm of international espionage can be when duty and love collide.

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Strategic Entanglements
On Terra, the empire of Basur calls the shots and everybody else gets into line. Almost everybody… The Askar get into line for no-one. They don’t seem to know when they’re beaten. Ruthless, indomitable, they are capable of anything. Like kidnapping a DSS officer for interrogation from the streets of Basur’s own capital. Kendra Veiss, the officer in question, should be dead. Instead, she walks out of an Askari black site without a scratch on her. That’s enough excitement for a while, even for a girl who works for the Basuri DSS — the most powerful intelligence organisation on Terra. But it proves only the beginning of a cat and mouse game between her and Aran Reiner.

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