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SciFi and Fantasy

Fallen Star
A sudden and brutal attack on a coalition training camp in Iraq wipes out all but two survivors: Captain James Grant and Australian SAS Sergeant David Maclean. Drawn into a clandestine world that deals with unusual encounters the two soldiers volunteer to help with the investigation into an alleged UFO crash in Alaska. The mission, however, is far from simple as it soon becomes apparent that something dangerous is going on and not everyone is as they appear to be.

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When a human invention accidentally breaks the laws of physics, the aliens hiding amongst us will fight each other to control it. If they can’t win, they will make sure everyone else loses. Permanently. Fleet Four assigns the legendary Keryapt Zess to uncover which galactic rival thinks Earth is worth fighting over. With a cutting edge Interloper body and the best support team in Labworld Command, there should be nothing on Earth that can stand in her way.

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