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Steamy Romance

Secret Lovers
A teeny-tiny crush. Maggie Drummond has one on her close friend Connor Grey. Unfortunately, he prefers leggy blondes and Maggie is stuck with her deep brown hair and determined curves.

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In Love With Alien Santa Claus
Do you believe in Santa? Yeah, Kris doesn’t either. But since his ship got stranded above earth, and an antigravity accident left him with flying reindeer, he’s decided to make the legend come to life. The presents he brings aren’t the traditional dolls and rocking horses. Instead he finds kids who need help— serious help— and gives it to them.

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Claimed by the Dragon King
As the newest member of the Mage Council, Kyla Langston is sent on a mission to House Draconis to find out why the shifters have united. She’s not looking forward to spending any time with the savage brutes until she meets the Dragon King. He challenges everything she’s ever been told about his kind. Instead of running away from him, she wants to run right into his arms instead. Torn between two worlds, she doesn’t know how to honor the Council’s wishes while also honoring her heart’s desire.

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