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SciFi and Fantasy

Patient 3
In the near future, a mysterious neurological disorder infects one in fifty thousand people and spreads when the host is conscious and active. Cerebral Nervorum quickly leads to the degradation of the individual’s motor functions and memory until an inevitable death finds them days later. Unable to afford gene editing therapy to tame this disease, Michael elects to take the route of being placed into a medically induced coma with the support of his fiancée Eve. This is the common treatment option for the lower and middle class of society to cope until a cure is developed and viable for the general population.

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It’s the year 93 O.O., and Dara Adeleye is a gifted artist living in the lower-class red vanes where igioyin–a devastating disease–can strike at any time, instantly draining the life force of its victims. All Dara wants is to excel enough in school to get her friends and family out of the red vanes before igioyin claims them. But in a world shaped by the actions of Yoruba gods decades before she was born, destiny may have different plans for her . . .

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