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New York Strip
Former U.S. marshal Rip Lane makes a promise to a dying friend. He promises to deliver the man’s daughter safely to Rochester. When the daughter goes missing Rip is pushed to his limit. Russian sex traffickers try to stop him. An explosives expert tries to stop him. But nothing can stop Rip. He will keep his promise. At any cost.

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If Nobody Listens Part One
She doesn’t know them. They know all about her. Paul Bild has dedicated his life to the fight against multi-resistant bacteria. His Anybio Analytics is the best analysis software on the market. When he offers millionaire Jeffrey Hughes a chance to save his sick daughter, he and his partner Tom Avild are about to get their international breakthrough. Tom travels to their branch office in Ukraine. On arrival, he finds that Yulia Kuznetsova, the manager of their sub-office, has gone missing. And someone has tried to steal their business secrets.

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US UK and CA

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