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Wicked Games
Noah hasn’t been the same since the day Brianna died three years ago.When an intruder breaks into his house, he realizes a painful truth–he believed an elaborate lie. She’s alive and well.So many questions, not enough answers.But who’s to blame for these wicked games?
These skilled operatives of Steele Security will put everything on the line to protect the people they love the most. Pulse-pounding action and red-hot romance unite in this complete series of sizzling page-turners.

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Political Justice
It’s four days after the latest presidential election, and Marc Kadella has the post-election blues. Sure, his guy didn’t win, but there’s more to it than that: the defeated incumbent was a decent man. Too bad you can’t say the same for his Machiavellian opponent—or his photogenic partner-in-crime. Thomas Jefferson Carver is charming and energetic, with a former beauty queen for a wife—and a name for the job to boot. Together they’re the package deal: young, modern, forward-thinking, and successful. That Mr. Carver was often accused of womanizing and that the couple used political clout to line their own pockets didn’t seem to matter to the American electorate.

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