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Bellingwood Boxed Set
All Roads Leads Home: Polly Giller returns to small-town Iowa from Boston ready to start a new life. She is renovating an old school building and while getting to know new friends, two sets of bones fall out of the ceiling. Don’t miss this heartwarming first story in a series that makes you want to move to Bellingwood and get to know Polly and her friends. Before you know it, you’ll be part of the community.

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A Pumpkin Potion Explosion
It’s time for the annual Harvest Festival in Goodsprings, Georgia as tourists and vendors pour into the small town. Everyone is excited until a vendor meets his reward….and not in a good way. He wasn’t the most pleasant of fellows, but who or what wanted him dead? Does the Otter King have a clue? Tessa, fire witch, stood up Ethan, the new detective in town. But why? Tessa won’t divulge much to Sam, and Ada, Ethan’s twin, blames Tessa for her brother’s somber mood.

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US UK and CA

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