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SciFi and Fantasy

The Untethered
Juvenile delinquent, Roble Santos, chases his radical vision to build the most controversial aircraft in history—but with the threat of betrayal, prison, and death all around, he’s running out of time. Political star, Alexandria Patra, rises to the delight of the masses—yet to help those most in need she must forever forget her childhood dream. Rogue geneticist, Stock Brant, reinvents nature in order to save the very world he hates—unaware the price of his plan may be his own soul.

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When an alien creature menaces two scientists marooned on a desert island, Rose, who has lost her memory, must rely on Thomas, though his behavior is suspicious. In California, Kailey is pressed into a life of crime by her corrosive lover, following a psychologically abusive past. As each woman faces invaders of different sorts, the questions mount. What is their underlying connection? What is Thomas trying to hide? And when will the beast strike next?

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US UK and CA

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