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Christmas Royale
What was supposed to be a quiet Christmas vacation just got a lot more exciting. Sarah loves her job working for Carlie in the archaeology department, and takes her job seriously. When an email comes in begging for help from Todd Adams, Carlie turns it down, but Sarah feels he’s telling the truth. Todd hasn’t exactly stayed out of trouble throughout his life. After living a life of crime in his family’s business, he’s ready to clean up his act and find a new line of work. But when he discovers that his grandparents and several others have been robbed, he knows he has to do something about it.

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How to Kiss a Billionaire
Miriam Salisbury escapes to Oregon to avoid a boyfriend who won’t take no for an answer, killing her beloved cat to prove it. When her father sends Clay Browning to protect her, she’s certain he’s lost his mind. As far as she’s concerned Clay’s experience is limited to posing for the camera, charming women, and making fun of her. He’s been teasing her since they were children and she’s never gotten over the way he threw crawdads at her at church picnics.

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US UK and CA

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