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SciFi and Fantasy

Zeph thrills at the wind in his wings and the hunt for wild parrot. As a simple forest gryphon, he never thought much about his sophisticated city-dwelling cousins living in the lofty eyrie at the edge of the woods. But his carefree life turns upside down when he comes across a young city gryphon stunned by her discovery of a field littered with slaughtered animals.

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Artificial Exile
A.I. robots having consumed all available energy on Earth, sent the surviving humans to a hostile planet to gather energy for them. While a powerful liquid there produces energy, robots can’t function close to it and so humanity lives in exile producing energy in exchange for water shipments and their lives.

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The Atlantis Twins
When Alysa meets Nate, a handsome surfer, he presents the opportunity for answers. She sneaks off to Hina where Nate lives with a secretive group called the Ocean Alliance. But behind his dimpled smile and surfer scruff, Nate carries his own secrets. Alysa and her best friend end up trapped on an aging ship bound for a mysterious island.

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US UK and CA

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