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Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners
It is possible that you enjoy delicious air fryer recipes, but you are wondering whether eating air fryer recipes is not as healthy as it should. Well, if that is the case, welcome to the new world of “Healthy Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners” From today you will start cooking the healthiest and tastiest air fryer recipes in the market, and you will impress both family and guests.

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I Have (Had) Enough
In this profoundly insightful collection, Jeff Jacobson presents a compelling portrait of marriage, parenthood, friendship, and faith. At turns hilarious and excruciating, Jacobson’s stories illustrate our shared human experiences of love and loss and offer fresh insights into the twin dance of pain and grace. The author writes from the heart, gut, and spirit as he mines the everyday to discover life’s essential truths.

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US UK and CA

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