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SciFi and Fantasy

Alien Omega
An invasion is coming. It’s the countdown to the Apocalypse. The pulsar blasts are heating up! Wil, Poka and the robot have jumped out of the fire and into the frying pan. The Outpost is orbiting an uncharted planet filled with dangerous creatures and there’s a monster roaming the halls. It’s Wil’s long lost girlfriend. She’s back from the dead and she’s a super powered alien.

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Supernatural Academy
Of course, magic is real. Everybody knows that. Since it came out on the news that Supernaturals exist, I’ve heard they can do spells, shapeshift, live forever, you name it. Wonderful, right? Whatever. In my world—where I’m homeless and spend my time avoiding rats and meth heads—magic sounds like major BS. But, when I’m accused of stealing and they’re about to arrest me, the item I took disappears from my hand as if by magic. WTF?

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