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SciFi and Fantasy

For the past four years Cassie has only known vampires as her enemy. With the revelation of Devon’s true nature she must come to terms with the fact that not everything she knows is right, especially when the source of her Hunter powers is revealed. Slowly, Cassie begins to unravel the mystery that enshrouds Devon as the bond between them grows and intensifies. It’s not until a woman from his past walks into their present, that Cassie realizes there are far more layers to Devon than she ever realized.

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They told him he would use his powers for truth and justice, to defend the innocent, and punish the guilty, but destiny had other plans… Bobby is the world’s first superhuman, with powers beyond imagining…meant to lead others like himself. When his entire team goes rogue and begins committing acts of terror, he is given an impossible task, hunt down and execute some of the most powerful beings in existence.

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