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Steamy Romance

Treat with Caution
Tasha Wilde has spotted the perfect site for the Treats to Tempt You confectionery shop she’s planning to run with her best friend, Maisey. It’s the ideal size and location, right on the waterfront in Doubtless Bay. The only fly in the melted chocolate is Maisey’s gorgeous brother, Kole. Tasha has a crush on him the size of New Zealand, but she’d never admit that to anyone – including herself. Then she discovers that Kole wants her shop for his photography business, and he’s about to sign the lease.

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Thompson & Sons
Gage Jenick has loved his best friend’s little sister for a long time, but when a freak accident causes Katy Thompson to lose the memory of their unforgettable night together, he’s going to have to work to win her heart.

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Stone Song
Clare MacBride has her life in exactly the order she wants it. In a year, she’ll have finished her geology dissertation, though she’s no closer to figuring out the answer to one question that plagues her. Why does she feel stones pulse with energy? A centuries-old curse, a mysterious faction of protectors, and a mythological godstone all sound like old world fairytale nonsense to Clare. It only takes one rainy evening with a silver-eyed fae and a handsome stranger promising protection to rock her world forever.

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Twisted Addiction
One small decision can transform a sweet dream into a bitter nightmare… Dalia, a young woman who works for an advertising agency, leads a perfectly ordinary life until the day she meets Thomas. Thomas is everything she had ever dreamed of—handsome, wealthy, mysterious and charming. It is not long before she falls hopelessly in love with him. When he proposes she leave everything behind and join him on a trip around the world, she does not hesitate for a moment, and agrees.

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