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SciFi and Fantasy

The Whisperers of Evernow
Manipulated by a vicious King, Jeremiah is stripped of his identity and forced into a life of silent submission as a Whisperer. Allowed only to speak at the command of the King, one thousand Whisperers must line up in rows and chant their sadistic ruler’s darkest desires. As each evil wish comes true, the King’s power over his impoverished kingdom grows.

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Wardens of Issalia Boxed Set
Everson is an awkward, disabled teen and a brilliant gadgeteer, melding magic with science. His greatest discovery could liberate him and change the world…or, it could destroy everything. Quinn’s fiery spirit and relentless determination fuel her desire to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Trained as an espion, she finds herself alone in the heart of an enemy stronghold. If only she knew whom she could trust.

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US UK and CA

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